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Aim Smart Childcare Centre is based on the Reggio Emilia Approach that provides strong emphasis on the development of “strong, capable, and resilient” children. We believe that the children’s learning is based on their interests and are capable of acquiring knowledge within themselves through their natural curiosity and creativity. We regard the child as infinitely capable, able to direct their learning, and able to utilize the environment in their learning. What they are and become interested in, becomes an important element in their own learning process. The child’s surrounding is an excellent medium through which a child’s learning experience can be enriched and considers our facility environment as the “third teacher”. Thus, we provide an open, comfortable, and welcoming facility for the children in our care. Our program support collaborative learning to encourage children to “talk, critique, compare, negotiate, hypothesize and problem-solve.”  Aim Smart Childcare Centre believes that children have an “endless number” of ways of learning. We make all of these learning tools available to children based on their ongoing interests. It is our hands-on approach to learning and discovering.

Little kids build wooden toys at home or

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