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Aim Smart Childcare Centre aspires to provide holistic learning experiences that promotes creativity, critical thinking, high self-confidence, and moral through the use of inquiry and explorations as the motivating factors in learning. We engage by delivering exceptional child care to our families, guiding children to be life-long learners and to be individual contributors in our society.


Aim Smart Childcare Centre aims to lay a strong foundation for future success in early learning by providing a safe and stimulating learning environment where adventure, play and fun in everyday life promotes curiosity and inquiry while children learn and grow at their own pace to meet their individual needs. We work to empower children, promote individuality and develop strong relationships while establishing an environment that helps children attain physical, social-emotional, creative, imaginative and intellectual achievements. This is to ensure they are involved, confident learners and are prepared for the next step in life.


Our program has confidence that learning takes place primarily through interest, exploratory activities and discovery. The amount of teacher guidance varies with each activity, as it is our belief that a good program offers both directed and non-directed experiences, encouraging your child to plan and use their critical thinking.

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We strive to create a warm, trusting, happy and welcoming environment where staff are friendly, approachable and are supportive of one another. Aim Smart Childcare Centre recognizes the importance of quality staff in all areas and recruits, retains and supports highly qualified and skilled educators. As much as we value our families, our staff also has our outmost support in their journey as Early Childhood Educators by sustaining their career needs and professional development.


Each child of Aim Smart Childcare Centre is a history of life experience and cultural heritage. Partnerships between families and Aim Smart Childcare Centre is essential to the growth and development of each child in our care. We encourage ongoing communication and make every effort to develop long lasting friendships with families and the greater community.  We encourage them to share their culture, traditions and home experiences with us to strengthen relationships and create a sense of community that is thoughtful, warm and compassionate.

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