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For the children

  • To develop each child’s holistic growth and development through an environment that is receptive of their developmental needs and capabilities

  • To encourage awareness and respect of diverse cultures and special needs of others.

  • To guide each child to see themselves as a part of the society in which they can be social contributors

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For the families

  • To offer a caring and nurturing atmosphere for their child that is built on respect and trusting relationship

  • To respect the cultural, social and special needs background of each child and family.

  • To provide access to resources and information within the community to meet their family needs

For the community

  • To contribute to our society by creating a safe and cultivating environment for the children and families that resides in it

  • To be a contributor to the community’s progress by providing our resources and competences as child care providers

  • To network with other community services to enable us to provide useful links that can be of help to our families

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For Early Childhood Educators

  • To maintain positive relations within the staffs and the families that we provide care

  • To encourage and support our staff to attend workshops, seminars and conferences

  • To keep our staff up to date with the latest requirements and changes in the child care industry

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