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Aim Smart Childcare Centre also aims to integrate inquiry into our learning centres. The idea of incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) into our learning centres is to expose the children to a problem-solving approach to learning that aligns with their own curiosity.   Children’s learning reflects a cycle that begins with an awareness of ideas and materials, moves to exploration with materials, then progresses as children develop concepts. This cycle of learning that occurs through explorations, inquiry and building of knowledge uses similar processes as the engineering method and scientific inquiry. The initial explorations provide children with the experiences to build new ideas though these methods. Aim Smart Childcare Centre aims to provide a perfect platform for these experiences to allow young children to exercise their curiosity by investigating different ideas and activities during play. 

Science builds on the natural curiosity of the children. We encourage the children to discover more about their world through their everyday experiences. As well as to ask open-ended questions observe, and explain their ideas. 

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Technology includes the integration of tools that are used to support children’s work. These tools can range from simple crayons, markers and a clipboard to more sophisticated items such as digital cameras and tablets. 

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Engineering begins with the process of identifying a problem. Children work to consider various solutions then test out their solutions to see what works and how they can refine them. Providing challenges to children allows them to use their creativity and thinking skills to solve problems. 

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Mathematics includes number sense, spatial relationships, geometry, patterns, and comparisons. It gives children the language to share findings of investigations and problems. 

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